1. Booking & Release of Liability form & Terms and Conditions

Each participant must fill out sign and date the Booking & Release of Liability Form along with the Terms and Conditions ~ Participant Agreement and return it to us via email or fax before we can take any payments.

2. Travel Insurance Form:

The Travel Insurance Form must be completed, signed and returned to us at or before the time of your final payment.

3. Payment Options:

  1. ACH- (Automated Clearing House) bank transfer; an easy and inexpensive way to transfer money bank to bank in USA:
    An ACH transfer is an electronic money transfer between banks that allows money to be pulled from an account or to be 'pushed' online to accounts at other banks. It is normally free!
    Send us a request for our bank details

  2. Bank Wire transfer:
    International or in country money transfer, which costs both parties to do so. Receivers up to 25.00 per transaction; senders up to 40.00 USD. Senders need to cover the receiver cost IE. (Dive & Africa Discovery travel).
    Send us a request for our bank details

  3. Check payment to:
    Dive & Africa Discovery Travel
    PO BOX 9807
    San Rafael, CA 94912
    ** This can be ordered from your bank to mail out, or hand written.

  4. Credit card payment
    Submit your credit card information via our secure form, Secure Information Transmittal Form.
    Or complete the Credit Card Charge Authorization Form and return it to us via fax, mail or scan/email.

Our forms are available in PDF format that can be downloaded, filled out, printed, signed, scanned then email or faxed to us at 415.444.5560. You can also take a picture with your phone of the forms and email to us, this is very fast and easy.

To read a PDF file, you will need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more information:
contact us @ 1 800 886-7321 , (415) 444-5100
or send us a request

Happy Adventures!!!

Cindi LaRaia